Cohesion3D Mini i3 Printer Upgrade Bundle

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Duplicator i3 upgraded with Cohesion3D Mini board

The Cohesion3D Mini can be used to upgrade a 3D Printer to the 32-bit high power motion performance of the Smoothie Firmware, and is a fine choice to replace the Melzi control board inside the Wanhao Duplicator i3 and its rebrands (Monoprice Maker Select, Aldi Cocoon Create). 

Cohesion3D Mini is currently not in stock.

The Cohesion3D Mini has high current rated screw terminals to ensure that it can handle the full power of the printer's extruder and bed heaters without issue. 

With its protected endstop inputs you can upgrade your machine with an inductive probe directly, or use the servo port to add a BLTouch sensor.  Or add a roller switch to act as a filament runout sensor!

Please note that these printers use custom LCD screens that are not compatible with the board. A Graphic LCD Screen + GLCD Adapter is necessary and available here. 

This bundle includes:

  • Cohesion3D Mini
  • 4 A4988 Motor Drivers
  • MicroSD Card with stock Smoothie Config files (will need to be configured for your specific printer)
  • Dual Z Axis Motor Splitter
  • Power Wires and Crimp Connectors. 



The Duplicator i3 3D Printer Upgraded with the Cohesion3D Mini

This upgrade is requires working with electronic and mechanical systems, as well as a tinkering/ problem solving mindset. Please purchase accordingly.