Cohesion3D Mini

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Cohesion3D Mini

The Cohesion3D Mini is a small but powerful board for a single extruder 3D Printer with heated bed, a CNC, and specifically to upgrade the K40 Laser Cutter to the awesome performance of Smoothieware.

Cohesion3D Mini is not currently available as a bare board.  Only the Laser Upgrade Bundle is available. 

  • 4 Pololu Style Stepper Driver Sockets capable of supporting A4988, DRV8825, TMC2100 SilentStepStick, and other drivers in the same footprint.
  • 4 Endstops each protected with a diode buffer, allowing you to use inductive sensors at 12/24 volts directly without any external components required.
  • 2 Standard MOSFETs for Hotend and Heated Bed.
  • 2 Small MOSFETs for Fans or LEDs.
  • 2 Thermistor Ports (for example 1 bed and 1 hotend)
  • Expansion Header which allows RepRapDiscount GLCD to be connected via Adapter Board.
  • Ethernet Expansion via LAN8720 Module, allowing network control via the Smoothie Web Interface.
  • All known connectors to directly hook up to the K40 Laser Cutter, and same mounting hole pattern as the stock board.
  • LPC1769 running at 120MHz, running stock Smoothie firmware and most pins same as stock config file.
  • Onboard Switching regulator creates 5v up to 850mA from 12/24v input - allows running without needing to tether to a PC or power the USB port.
  • 12 - 24v input voltage.
  • Kill button and header to use external kill button.

 3D Printer Application:



Cohesion3D Mini in a Delta Printer.  Images thanks to Eric Lien.  "Aztec Chief" Printout was also done on this machine and installation. 

Laser Application: (Please get the Mini Laser Bundle for K40 upgrade here: Cohesion3D Mini Laser Upgrade Bundle)


Cohesion3D Mini installed in a K40 Laser Cutter.  Note that it is all the same hole patterns as the stock board it replaces and all the connectors for the cables used in this machine are available. 

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    Upgraded 50W Laser Machine

    Posted by Erich Styger on Apr 16th 2018

    I have sucessfully upgraded my 50W China laser cutter with this board, see, and it works great!
    The K40 endstop wiring did not match with the endstops I had (my endstops and M2 nano had separate GND lines for the X/Y endstops, while for some reasons the Cohesion3D mini only had one GND line routed on the K40 endstop connector. Other than that: great board, with excellent documentation!