Cohesion3D ReMix

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Cohesion3D ReMix

Cohesion3D is proud to introduce a new line of 32 bit control boards to upgrade the performance of your 3D Printer, CNC Mill, Laser Cutter, and other machines. 

The ReMix is a powerful and maxed out controller that runs the popular Smoothie firmware.  It supports 6 swappable stepper drivers for advanced applications like a 3 color 3D Printer, 6 axis CNC, a Pick n Place with many heads, or any machine type that needs many axes of motion.  Configuration is super simple, just modify values in text file on the MicroSD card, save, and reset the board. With a wide array of high power outputs, communications options, and supported peripherals, the ReMix is the control board of choice for your machine!

The ReMix Control Board is in stock and ships in 1-3 business days!

6 Swappable Motor Drivers. Use your preferred A4988, DRV8825, or TMC2100 drivers and easily replace one if it burns out.


Triple Extruders.  ReMix supports the popular diamond hotend for 3-Color printing, a 6 Axis CNC, and other machine types with lots of axes such as a Pick n Place which needs many heads and additional actuators. 


Graphic LCD.  ReMix has 2 expansion headers allowing it to natively support the RepRapDiscount Graphic LCD Controller, providing machine status updates and an easy control interface to the user without any shields or other interface boards required.


WiFi & Ethernet Expansion.  ReMix joins the IoT age with an ESP8266 WiFi Module right on board, allowing wireless printing.  This feature is experimental and new better software solutions to make use of it are currently in development.  ReMix also supports the LAN8720 Ethernet Expansion module to make use the Smoothie Web Interface.  For an even more powerful interface, just hook up a Raspberry Pi running OctoPrint to the ReMix over USB.


Big Heatbed.  In addition to 5 standard MOSFETs for hotends, fans, LEDs, and other peripherals, ReMix sports a high current automotive MOSFET for running a 20 amp Heated Bed, CNC Spindle, or other significant load.  A super low RDSon value and extreme attention to the thermal design of the PCB ensure that the ReMix will remain at manageable temperatures even without a cooling fan. 


Wide Range of Supported Peripherals.  We design with overkill in mind.  Whether it's just a spare header to plug a fan into or a direct servo probe connection, all the way up to running high voltage inductive sensors and external stepper drivers, ReMix has you covered.



Full Features List:

  • 6 Pololu Style Stepper Driver Sockets capable of supporting A4988, DRV8825, TMC2100 SilentStepStick, and other drivers in the same footprint.
  • 6 Endstops each protected with a diode buffer, allowing you to use inductive sensors at 12/24 volts directly without any external components required.
  • 4 Standard MOSFETs for Hotends/ Fans.
  • 1 Large MOSFET capable of 20 amps.
  • 1 Small mosfet for Fan/ LED.
  • 4 Thermistor Ports (for example 1 bed and 3 hotend heaters)
  • 2 Expansion Headers for RepRapDiscount Graphic LCD 12864.
  • ESP8266 capable of acting as a serial bridge, can stream gcode to ReMix wirelessly. 
  • Ethernet Expansion via LAN8720 Module, allowing network control via the Smoothie Web Interface.
  • LPC1769 running at 120MHz, running stock smoothie firmware and most pins same as stock config file.
  • Onboard Switching regulator creates 5v up to 2 amps from 12/24v input - allows running without needing to tether to a PC or power the USB port.
  • 12 - 24v input voltage.
  • Kill and Reset Buttons + header to use external kill button. 
  • All boards come flashed with Smoothie firmware and the config file on the included MicroSD Card, and pass a full functional test before being shipped.
  • Pinout diagrams, instructions, CAD Models, dimensional diagrams, and printable case designs will be available on our support site. 

Printout Picture is on a Steel i3 upgraded with ReMix printing "Odile The Swan" by loubie.