Graphic LCD Control Panel

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Graphic LCD Control Panel

The Graphic LCD Control Panel connects directly to your Cohesion3D ReMix and to the Cohesion3D Mini via the GLCD Adapter (available separately) to provide a heads up display with Machine Position, Temperatures, and Status.  The click encoder allows you to navigate menus to interact with your 3D Printer, CNC, Laser Cutter, or other machine type.  Finally, you can save gCode files to the MicroSD Card in your Cohesion3D board and use the GLCD to run that, all without having to be tethered to a computer. 


The external SD card slot is not recommended nor supported for printing from - SPI over long (or even short) cables causes noise, hang ups, and disconnects.  It is recommended to place gCode files to run on MicroSD Card in the Cohesion3D boards.