Power Supply Upgrade Kit

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Power Supply Upgrade Kit

This kit includes a high quality 24V 4A DC Power Supply with USA Wall-Outlet Cable and necessary adapter and wiring to connect to Cohesion3D Mini.  Great for upgrading to a separate power supply in your laser cutter to prevent brownouts, run at faster speeds, and hook up a Z Table and Rotary Attachment, all without having to handle any AC wiring!

This kit does not replace the laser power supply and is not meant for driving a laser tube.  It is to supplement that and provide a clean, steady source of power for your Cohesion3D board and motors. The laser power supply will remain in play to drive your laser tube. 

We highly recommend the power supply upgrade kit because the power supplies in many lasers including the K40 are extremely underpowered and provide a noisy source of 24 volts that causes the board to have stability issues.  It can barely power the Cohesion3D board as is, and absolutely cannot handle the additional power needed to run a Z Table and/ or Rotary Attachment.

If you are located outside the USA, you will need to source your own power cord for your country/ electrical socket type, or an adapter to go to that from the "2 Prong USA style (C7)" connector on the provided power cord.  In technical terms, the power supply has a male 2-pin C7 connector, and you need a cable that will go from that to your electrical socket.