LaserBoard Compatibility

The Cohesion3D LaserBoard is a drop in upgrade for the M2Nano Board that is most popular in the low cost K40 Laser Cutter, but it is also possible to use the LaserBoard in a variety of other laser on the market, home-built machines, and even CNC machines.


M2Nano Board and Derivatives

The M2Nano Board is the most common controller found in the K40’s shipping now/ purchased in the last few years and comes with LaserDRW Software.

Note the large power connector in the lower right corner has 4 pins.

M2Nano wiring variant that has individual wires for the X Motor, Y Motor, Endstops, and Power.  COHESION3D LASERBOARD IS A DIRECT SWAP!


M2Nano wiring variant that has a flat ribbon cable (containing the X motor and both endstops) and separate Y Motor and Power Cables. COHESION3D LASERBOARD IS A DIRECT SWAP!


B1/ M1/ other board with 6 Pin Power Connector.  Note that wiring should be similar to above variants, but there is a 6 pin large power plug instead of the expected 4 pin one.

Some minor rewiring will be required.  This board may also be physically larger, so some mount modifications and/or new holes may be necessary to install the LaserBoard.



Moshi Board.  Same as above 6 pin power plug, some other wires may have different connectors and require crimping to install the LaserBoard. 



There are many other boards out there with similar wiring, and lots of other controllers out there.   You can find more information here:  LaserGods Controller & DSP Identification.


Feel free to post to our forum with pictures and details about your machine to discuss compatibility. 

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