LaserBoard Getting Started

LaserBoard Getting Started – Step by Step Guide   Step 1. If you are installing a LaserBoard in a K40, start here: K40 with M2Nano Cohesion3D LaserBoard Installation Guide – Cohesion3D Once completed, go to Step 3. Step 2. If you are installing a LaserBoard in a laser that is larger than a standard K40, see the differences you […]

LaserBoard SD Card Stock Files

Stock Files LaserBoard comes with a pre-configured Smoothie firmware.bin file for 4 axes (meaning you can run X / Y Head + Z Table + A Rotary right away) and a standard config.txt file for our most commonly upgraded machine, the K40 Laser Cutter. Download the files below if you have misplaced these files or […]

Installing Smoothie Drivers (and knowing whether you need to)

The Cohesion3D Boards come with Smoothie firmware pre-installed. If you have Windows, but not Windows 10, you need Smoothie drivers. Operating System Need Drivers? Windows 8 and Earlier Yes, use smoothieware-usb-driver-v1.1.exe Windows 8.1 Yes, but may need to manual install driver, see link below. Windows 10 No Mac OS No Linux No Please see here: for the […]

Device Setup in LightBurn

If you have not yet installed LightBurn, you will need to do so first. Follow the steps on the LightBurn Documentation site under Setting up LightBurn for the first time. This will include: Downloading the software, Installing LightBurn, and Running LightBurn for the first time. After those steps are complete, the next thing you need […]