Configuration Adjustment Guide

How to Tune Your Laser The default configuration file is set up for stock K40 style machine types. Each machine and its various components are unique and may require some alterations to dial in the settings. If you are experiencing issues with the gantry movement or skipping steps, this guide is a starting point for […]

LaserBoard Setting Up a Z-Table

Connect your Z-table into the Z axis header on the LaserBoard using the built in driver. The external stepper drivers, accompanying cables, and the additional power supply are not typically required unless you are wanting to work with heavier projects, have a larger machine size/bed, or are using heftier stepper motors. For additional info: Cohesion3D LaserBoard Buyers Guide If you […]

Changing Stepper Motor Currents on the LaserBoard

Changing Stepper Motor Currents If you are experiencing unexpected performance with stepper motor motion, this guide will help you troubleshoot the onboard drivers. These steps are not relevant to external stepper drivers.  May present with the following symptoms: Laser head movement is jerking, crashing, or erratic Stepper motors are skipping or engraving is shifted Stepper […]