Camera Troubleshooting

Black Screen or Camera Not Found Check the Computer Settings Review the following settings on your computer to see if updates or downloads are required: Windows may require you to download a Media Feature Pack. Find the one specific to your OS version. If your computer or operating system is older, you may try updating […]

Mounting the Camera

This document will cover mounting the Official LightBurn Camera for use with your laser. For a typical K40 or small laser the camera will need to be mounted on the inside lid of your laser and be able to see the bed when the lid is open. The connector cable will need to run from […]

Official LightBurn Camera Installation Instructions

A full video install guide is available here for the Official LightBurn Camera: The written install documentation from LightBurn is here: LightBurn Camera Documentation Here is the getting started part: Plug the cable small end into the camera module (it only goes in one way, don’t force it) and the USB end into the computer. Enable […]