Graphic LCD Overview

Graphic LCD Overview This guide is an overview of the GLCD screen and adapter offered by Cohesion3D. The display board is useful for seeing the status, jogging the machine, and running jobs without having your computer tethered all the time. To connect and mount the GLCD, see the installation instructions and mounting dimensions. Note: We frequently get asked about ordering the […]

Installing Endstops / Limit Switches

This article will guide you on connecting the endstops or limit switches to the LaserBoard.  It is based on the standard 300mm x 200mm K40 bed, but the concepts still apply for other machine types and larger work areas. Determine where your machine homes, as this is where the endstops or switches will be triggered: […]

Installing Z-Table Endstops / Limit Switches

Installing Z-Table Endstops / Limit Switches This guide can be used as a general starting point for installing endstops or limit switches on your Z-Table. Refer to your model specifications for more information. First, ensure that you have set up your Z-Table and configured it accordingly: Setting Up a Z-Table Connect the Endstops / Limit […]

How to Connect an mA Meter

How to Connect an mA Meter For more information, read our documentation on PWM Control, which explains why having an ammeter is important. This article will focus on how to connect an mA meter to a K40 or similar laser. There are other tutorials available online which cover the electronics compartment lid modification in depth, so we […]

Graphic LCD Screen Mounting Dimensions

If you want to mount our Graphic LCD Screen into a panel, the following dimensions can be used. The entire GLCD board is 92.3mm x 86.05mm x 18mm (24.2mm including adapter connectors). The screen dimensions are approximately 78.25mm x 51.15mm and 05.05mm from the backlight to the surface. For the mounting holes, the distance between centers […]