How do I hook up/ power random item from the LaserBoard?

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We semi-regularly get questions such as: How do I connect <some device> to the LaserBoard?  where it is usually referring to anything from a small load like a laser pointer dot to a large load like a full size exhaust fan.

  • Please do not try to tap into the LaserBoard’s own 24v rail. You can damage the board or cause unreliable operation. The power brick that comes with the LaserBoard is rated specifically to power the board’s logic, the 4 stepper motor drivers on the board, the GLCD Screen, and a small load on the air assist output (more info on that here: LaserBoard Air Assist Control). That is it.
  • If you must, and it is a super low current device you want to add, you can try to wire it to the LPSU 24v or 5v output terminals, but we’re not going to tell you how to do this.
  • Ideally, get a small separate power supply/ brick/ wall charger (yes, yet another one) and power your 5v/12v/24v peripherals from there. This keeps the LPSU low voltage rails clear, and keeps the C3D PSU focused on providing clean power to the LaserBoard.

In conclusion, please power all accessories separately and let the LaserBoard focus on doing its primary job: controlling your laser.