LaserBoard Connecting External Stepper Drivers

LaserBoard Connecting External Stepper Drivers

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Wiring is pretty straightforward when using the recommended external stepper drivers and stepper driver cable pack : the pinout is labeled on the bottom of the board, but you just plug the cable into the LaserBoard (it should only go in one way) and run 6 wires straight down to our driver, as shown below.

Other external drivers may have a different layout for the signals so take care that they’re wired up to the correct pins.

The driver will require a voltage source to VCC and Gnd, we recommend 24v via a separate power supply that is rated for enough amps to account for the current set on the driver and the amount of drivers you wish to run.

Finally, set the DIP Switches on the side of the External Stepper Driver to 1/16 MicroStepping and the current rating of the motor you are using. 1 amp is usually a good place to start for the typical Nema 17 stepper motor that is 40mm long.