LaserBoard SD Card Stock Files

LaserBoard SD Card Stock Files

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Stock Files

LaserBoard comes with a pre-configured Smoothie firmware.bin file for 4 axes (meaning you can run X / Y Head + Z Table + A Rotary right away) and a standard config.txt file for our most commonly upgraded machine, the K40 Laser Cutter. Download the files below if you have misplaced these files or want to start from scratch. The Smoothie Cluster Firmware has been out since June 2019. All LaserBoards shipped since 2020 now come with it installed, and this latest batch 2 file download includes these files.

Verifying the Version

The firmware details can be viewed by typing version in the Console in LightBurn and hitting enter. If it is showing the June date (or later) and build flags in the command output, then you should be on the latest version, or one that supports clustering.

Cluster Firmware Version

To confirm that this is enabled in LightBurn, go to Device Settings from the gear icon in the toolbar. Check the box for Smoothie Clustering. Make sure the correct version is installed on the controller’s SD memory card before enabling this feature, or you will get unexpected results in the output or motion control of your laser.

Enable Smoothie Clustering


These files are for the LaserBoard (featured below). If you have a different board, please do not use these files.

Cohesion3D LaserBoard