LaserBoard Graphic LCD Installation

LaserBoard Graphic LCD Installation

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This is the Graphic LCD Screen with Adapter for the Cohesion3D LaserBoard.

You can get the GLCD Screen with Adapter as an option when ordering your LaserBoard or separately.

Graphic LCD Control Panel with Adapter


The GLCD Adapter:




The back of the GLCD. Note that EXP1 connection is on the left and EXP2 connection is on the right:


Install both ribbon cables this way, with the ribbons facing down towards the bottom of the screen:


Shown below is our previous board, the C3D Mini and the newer LaserBoard.

We provided both sets of images for reference, so you can see how they are connected in the same manner.

This is the orientation of the GLCD module, connected to the LCD Expansion header on the Mini:


The arrow on the adapter should face towards the left on either board (away from the USB port).

GLCD Adapter on LaserBoard

The EXP2 cable goes into this socket on the adapter:


Then the EXP1 cable goes into the remaining socket and is marked with a zip tie for convenience.


For a different view, see images below. Both ribbon cables connect to the GLCD Adapter (indicated by an arrow).

The adapter connects to the LCD Expansion header (outlined by a red box). Make sure the pins align with the connector.

GLCD Ribbon Cables with Adapter

Below is the GLCD Adapter connected to the LaserBoard with the Ribbon Cables attached:

GLCD Adapter Connected to LaserBoard

Voilà, the Graphic LCD Screen is connected to your Cohesion3D Board!