Official LightBurn Camera Installation Instructions

Official LightBurn Camera Installation Instructions

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A full video install guide is available here for the Official LightBurn Camera:

The written install documentation from LightBurn is here: LightBurn Camera Documentation

Here is the getting started part:

  1. Plug the cable small end into the camera module (it only goes in one way, don’t force it) and the USB end into the computer.
  2. Enable Camera Control by right clicking on the Cuts bar at the top and clicking Camera Control to enable it.
  3. In the Camera: dropdown, LightBurn Camera should appear as an entry. Select it. You should see the camera preview now.
  4. Figure out a way to mount the camera in your laser.
  5. Do the calibrations – watch the video for this and onward.

Tips: On Windows 8 and 10, the camera should be recognized by your computer automatically. On Windows 7, you may need to install a driver and/ or run Windows Update to get all the latest updates on your computer. More info on Windows 7 UVC Driver Bundle and Media Packs for all OS versions:  Win 7 Driver and Media Pack Links