The origin really is the front left. I know the homing switches are in the rear left. You’re not special

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A frontrunner in our Most Frequently Asked Questions and Mistakes, the Device Origin!

Yes, we know that on the K40 and other similar lasers (such as larger machines with the M2Nano style board) the homing switches are located in the rear left corner of the machine.

!!! Homing location is not the same thing as Origin !!!

‘Because GCode’ (the Cohesion3D boards run GCode), the origin (0,0 point) must always be in the front left location.


If your machine has limit switches that are not in the rear left corner, then you are the special one and you’ll need to make a different set of changes – make a post with details and ask for guidance on this.

To set up the correct size for the Y axis or a larger bed size, config file changes need to be made: Setting Up the Correct Bed Size