USB Dropouts and Brownouts

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USB issues may present with the following symptoms:

  • Jobs stopping in the middle of running or showing busy status
  • USB disconnects or reconnects with messages/sounds on the computer
  • Light and dark banding on image engraving (raster scan/fill)

Troubleshooting Steps:

  1. Use a data only high quality, shielded USB cable to prevent potential communication issues. The blue cable that comes with most of these types of lasers are not typically reliable.
  2. Longer USB cables have also been known to cause issues, so try a shorter one (less than 16 feet). Make sure the cable is fully seated at each end. Avoid using USB extenders, as they may be susceptible to interference.
  3. Check that your machine is properly grounded to the chassis.
  4. Move any potential EMI or RF emitting devices away from the board.
  5. Ensure that your computer is not set to go into sleep/screen saver mode.
  6. Check that your USB ports are not going into power save mode. For Windows, this can be updated in the Device Manager by editing the Properties for the USB port being used or it can be disabled globally in Power Options by editing the Advanced USB settings. Windows updates can reset power save mode, which means it may need to be re-enabled.
  7. Updates can also cause issues with USB drivers, so confirm that yours are the most current:
  8. For Mac, ensure that your USB port is not getting tied up by multiple drivers: 
  9. Isolate your machine and computer on a different circuit from any other appliances and the control board. You may also consider using a power surge, ferrite cores, or a line conditioner if your electrical wiring is in question.
  10. Connect the USB cable via a powered USB Hub.
  11. If you have the GLCD, try disconnecting to see if the issue persists.