Cohesion3D Mini Laser Upgrade Bundle

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Cohesion3D Mini is out of stock, but our new and much better Cohesion3D LaserBoard, which we recommend checking out, is available now. 


A4988 Stepper Driver – optional

A4988 Stepper Driver Module.  Compatible with Cohesion3D Boards.  Great to have some spares. 


GLCD Adapter for Cohesion3D Mini/ LaserBoard – optional

This adapter allows connecting our Graphic LCD Panel to the Cohesion3D Mini/ LaserBoard via the expansion header.

Graphic LCD Control Panel – optional

The Graphic LCD Control Panel connects directly to your Cohesion3D ReMix and to the Cohesion3D Mini/ LaserBoard via the GLCD Adapter (available separately) to provide a heads up display with Machine Position, Temperatures, and Status.  The click encoder allows you to navigate menus to interact with your 3D Printer, CNC, Laser Cutter, or other machine type.  Finally, you can save gCode files to the MicroSD Card in your Cohesion3D board and use the GLCD to run that, all without having to be tethered to a computer.

6ft USB Cable – optional

High Quality USB Cable.  The Cable that comes with the K40 is known to not work properly and can cause issues communicating with the Cohesion3D Boards.

Cohesion3D Mini Power Supply Upgrade Kit (included)

This kit includes a high quality 24V 4A DC Power Supply with USA Wall-Outlet Cable and necessary adapter and wiring to connect to Cohesion3D Mini.  Great for upgrading to a separate power supply in your laser cutter to prevent brownouts, run at faster speeds, and hook up a Z Table and Rotary Attachment, all without having to handle any AC wiring!

External Stepper Driver Adapter for Cohesion3D Mini – optional

This adapter goes into a Pololu-Style Stepper Driver Socket and breaks out the STEP, DIRECTION, ENABLE, and GROUND pins to a 3.5mm screw terminal.  This is a great way to go from a A4988 or DRV8825 on-board stepper driver to breakout the signals to use external drivers, for larger motors and more powerful applications.

4A External Stepper Driver – optional

Up to 4 Amps external stepper driver capable of driving a heavier Z table or rotary axis or just a larger machine.

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The Cohesion3D Mini can be dropped into the K40 Laser Cutter in under 20 minutes to provide an immediate performance upgrade. Smoothie is the only firmware which calculates the PWM value based on acceleration every single step, resulting in the cleanest possible cut and even power around corners. No burned corners here!

Cohesion3D Mini is out of stock, but our new and much better Cohesion3D LaserBoard, which we recommend checking out, is available!

The K40 is a very inexpensive laser cutter that can be procured on eBay in the $340 range.  It is capable of engraving leather and metal and cutting wood and plastic.  However, the stock electronics are very lacking in functionality and actually restrict the user to a limited version of Coreldraw which is not pleasant to use.  This upgrade opens the door to using any gCode generator and sender to control your machine, such as the awesome Lightburn Software.

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND adding our USB Cable and power supply upgrade kit to your order.  The USB Cable that comes with the K40 is known to cause communications issues, and the power supply in the K40 puts out a very weak 24v rail that can cause stability issues.  If you want to add a Z Table and/ or Rotary attachment to your K40, you must absolutely use a separate power supply for the board.


The bundle includes the Mini Board itself, 2 A4988 drivers, and a MicroSD Card with the laser configuration preloaded, allowing you to be up and running right out of the box.  The blue USB Cable that comes with the K40 has been known to cause issues with this board, we recommend adding our high quality USB Cable to your order.

Cohesion3D Mini replaces the stock control board included with the K40 Laser.  With its identical size and hole pattern to the stock board, it drops right into the existing mounting holes.



All known connectors and wiring combinations for the K40 Laser are available on the Mini.  The upgrade consists of simply swapping over 4 – 5 cables.

All JST Connectors Wiring:


Ribbon Cable Wiring:


If your wiring looks different than above, we can still most likely upgrade your machine!  Please post some pictures of your stock board and machine wiring to our Cohesion3D Support Community on Google+ for advice:  https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/116261877707124667493

Add a GLCD Adapter + GLCD Screen to show the state of the machine (position, laser level, status) and use the menus to jog and run jobs from the MicroSD Card in the board.  This lets you run the machine without needing a computer tethered, and ensures reliability for larger more complex jobs.  (Screen is shown installed in a custom front panel a customer made, the panel is not included, you can make your own panel too!)


An example full installation with Cohesion3D Mini, GLCD Screen, and Z Table driven by External Stepper Driver [4 Amp] with our External Stepper Adapter (and a separate 24v6a Power Supply).  It is also possible to hook up a rotary this way.


K40 Upgrade with Cohesion3D Mini Laser Upgrade Bundle instructions are located here: K40 Upgrade with Cohesion3D Mini Instructions

Instructions on the electronics installation and configuration of a Z Table and/ or Rotary Attachment are here: Wiring a Z Table and Rotary: Step-by-Step Instructions

This board comes with community support only, via our Google+ and Facebook user groups.  If you require more a more personalized and one-on-one level of assistance with your upgrade, please check out our Premium Technical Support offering.

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