Beam Buddy High Resolution Head for K40

Beam Buddy High Resolution Head for K40

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The Beam Buddy high resolution laser head is a replacement head for your laser. It allows you to engrave at a much higher quality than the stock laser head that came with your laser. Its design makes the laser beam more focused into a smaller focal spot than the standard laser head, which makes the engraving result more detailed. It is suitable for engraving high precision photos and also a good performance on 3D engraving.  The higher resolution creates a significant increase in detail on photographs.  Your creations will be incredibly life like and produce very accurate reproductions of your photos. Ships complete with lenses and fully assembled.



  • Spaced lenses prevent overheating and lens damage that other compound lens systems are susceptible to
  • Silicon washers under retaining rings to prevent damaging lenses
  • Custom manufactured 20mm diameter USA CVD ZnSe AR coated lenses from ii-vi infrared rated for 150W
  • All aluminum construction with blue anodized finish
  • 3mm focal length from bottom of cap
  • Variable air assist valve
  • Maximum resolution of 800dpi on anodized aluminum
  • Easy swap from stock to Beam Buddy and back again
  • Works with the stock K40 head as well as the Light Object air assist head
  • Can be used to cut materials up to 3mm in thickness, great for doing inlays


Simply unscrew the bottom portion of the K40 head, screw on the Beam Buddy head in its place, and connect your air line to the pneumatic fitting on the side of the Beam Buddy.

The information provided above is believed to be accurate, however, please contact the Manufacturer to confirm any details you may have questions about. 

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