Cohesion3D Rotary

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  • Expand your laser cutter capabilities with a high precision rotary attachment. Open up a world of possibilities to engrave round objects including glasses, bottles, pens, flashlights, and more.
  • High quality components. CNC machined plates and wheels from durable HDPE.
  • Tool-less adjustment on all models.  Ships fully assembled – not a kit!
  • Fits in K40 and also works in larger machines with various controllers.




Black Extrusions with Alignment Marks

  • Upgrade to black extrusions with Etched Alignment Marks for a sleek all-black look.  (Otherwise the Rotary will come with Natural Aluminum Silver Extrusions.)
  • Tick marks spaced every 3mm help precisely align the sliding idler assembly.
  • Marks are patterned 4 short followed by 4 long for easy position locating.

Small Drive Wheel Set

  • Allows for larger items to be placed while still maintaining low profile that fits in the K40.
  • High grip silicone rings minimize the work piece slipping.  Total of 4 rings per wheel with close and far spacing will hold a large variety of object geometries.
  • Easily swap between the default large drive wheels and these small drive wheels - just unscrew one nut, slide the wheel off, put the new one on, and put the nut back on:

Tension Arm

  • Holds small or lightweight objects to drive wheels and minimizes slipping.
  •  Great for pencils, pens, flashlights, and other small objects. 
  • Install in seconds with 2 thumb screws - no tools required.
  • Able to hold cylindrical objects down to 4mm.  For use with stock large drive wheels. 

Replacement Silicone Ring Set for Large Drive Wheels and Idler Wheels

  • The red silicone rings on the wheels will eventually wear out and crack.
  • Don't risk downtime and be prepared to keep on rolling with a spare set of rings.
  • This set contains 6 large rings and 2 small rings to accommodate the large drive wheels and idlers wheels that come stock on the Cohesion3D Rotary.

Replacement Silicone Rings for Small Drive Wheels

  • The red silicone rings on the wheels will eventually wear out and crack.
  • Don't risk downtime and be prepared to keep on rolling with a spare set of rings.
  • This set contains 8 small rings to accommodate the small drive wheels that are available as an add-on for the Cohesion3D Rotary.

DSP Wiring Connectors

  • If your laser uses Nema 17 stepper motors, you can unplug the Y motor from the Y black box stepper driver and plug the rotary motor directly into the Y stepper driver instead.
  • Some lasers have a round "aviation connector" to assist with this.
  • This kit contains a 4 pin terminal block and both male and female aviation connectors to be prepared for these options.

DSP External Stepper Driver with 3 Pin Terminal

  • If your laser has larger NEMA 23 steppers, Servo Motors, or 3 Phase, you will have to wire in a separate external stepper driver that uses the same STEP and DIR signals as the Y driver, and then switch between them.
  • This kit contains an external stepper driver and an additional 3 pin terminal block that commonly connects on the DSP controller side.
  • You should also get the wiring connectors above to be most prepared.

A4988 Stepper Driver

To run a rotary on a Cohesion3D Mini or other board that takes "Pololu Style" stepper drivers you will need this additional driver to plug into the "A" socket on the board.

You will also need a separate power supply running the board for this, as the K40 Laser PSU cannot reliably provide enough current to begin with, and certainly not for additional drivers.

This part is not required for a Cohesion3D LaserBoard, as the LaserBoard has stepper drivers built in.

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