Getting Started

Thank you for your purchase of a Cohesion3D Motion Controller Upgrade! 

Circuit Boards are sensitive to electrostatic shock, please ground yourself before handling and observe all proper practices. 


All documentation about the Cohesion3D ReMix and Mini boards, including pinout diagrams, mechanical drawings, and pinout diagrams, can be found on our Doumentation site here:


Pay close attention to proper orientation of modules and connectors.  Do not plug a motor driver or power connectors in backwards, either of these things can damage the board and possibly your machine. 


Cohesion3D LaserBoard:

Instructions to upgrade the K40 Laser Cutter:


Cohesion3D Mini:  

Instructions to upgrade the K40 Laser Cutter:

Instructions to add a Z Table and Rotary:

Instructions for alternate GRBL-LPC firmware for Cohesion3D Mini:

Instructions for Power Supply Upgrade Kit Installation:


For Laser Cutting, our recommended software is LightBurn.  A free, unlimited, 30 day trial is available. 

For more information about Lightburn, and to purchase, please visit: Lightburn Software

Questions? For technical and product support, please post to the Cohesion3D Forum: